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Gather + Place Trophy Rd 2

Good scores were needed to be competitive today. John Thompson won by two points from Alex Wilson. Ashley claimed third place on a countback from Bill, Terry and Dave Andrews.

Brian won one of the NTPs, Dave Andrews getting the other.

Cliff was this week's volunteer for "Joke of the Day".

Alwyn Elith Memorial Trophy

Today's event was sponsored by Ken Malpass  and

Snow and Sons Butchers.

Today was the Cliff Sayers Show. Not only did he win the event comfortably, he also won a prize in the raffle and provided the Joke of the Week.

Garry won second place and Dennis was third on a countback from Ian.

Franz and Bob won the NTPs.

Stableford - 4BBB

Sponsored by Courtney Adamson

Phil did most of the hard work in partnering Adrian to a win on the day. His individual 40 points could have been a lot more if some close putts had gone in.

Richard and Steve won second place on a countback, which they also won on a countback.

Earle scored an eagle on the 17th hole when he knocked a 5-iron into the hole! Initially, it was from about 135m out, but as the day grew longer, so did the distance.

Alan won one of the NTPs.

Stroke - Monthly Medal + Putting

Sponsored by: Dave Andrews, Geoff Swaffield, Wingham GC, Narree Thai Massage & Anon.

Terry Morris was the winner on the day, although he may lose a couple of shots.

As well as being a co-sponsor, Geoff won one of the NTPs.

Ross, who came third, may also find himself with a lower handicap for his next game.

Phil won the Narree Thai  massage for the shortest NTP but donated it back for the raffle, which Bill won. Bill also won the putting ( 27 )

Mo Stableford + DH Points Score

Franz was the major sponsor of the day. Here he is presenting the prize to the winner, Dave, who was also the co-sponsor.

John and Glen won the NTPs.

Bob got up for the joke of the day.


Rodney Smith was the winner of today's event, ahead of Lee Murray and Alex Wilson.

Bob and Graham won the NTPs.

The computer gave the social golfers a handicap of 93, which led to some confusion. However, a (surprising) number of golfers either entered the wrong stableford score or added it up incorrectly. Although the computer automatically corrects this, it does waste a certain amount of time as scores have to be checked hole by hole.

The number of dots on the scorecard indicates how many shots a player receives on each hole. If in doubt ask someone who knows how to work out stableford points.

Stableford - Knowledge Challenge

Ashley co-sponsored this event with Neville, who, unfortunately, was unwell and had to go home.

In what was, obviously, a rigged result, The Teachers were beaten by The Rest.

With low scores the order of the day, and conditions favouring the lower handicap players, it looked as if an upset was in the making. Eventually, however, the lower handicap players did prevail. Nevertheless, well done, Tom.

Bob, who seems to win something every week (on Saturdays as well) just pipped Mr Consistency (Trevor) at the post by means of a countback.

Wayne got one of the NTPs, with Trevor Jones winning the other.

This bloke brings his best golf mate home, unannounced, for dinner after enjoying a game of golf. He walks through the door and calls out,

"Sweetheart, I've invited Col to have dinner with us!"

Col stands with his mouth open as the wife begins to yell.

"My hair and makeup are not done, the house is a fucking mess and the dishes aren't done.

I'm completely exhausted! I didn't get enough sleep last night. Can't you see I'm still in my fucking PJs?

I can't be bothered with cooking tonight!

Why the hell did you bring him home without letting me know ahead of time, you stupid, fucking idiot!"

"Because he's thinking of getting married."

Monthly Medal + Putting

Sponsored by -

Dave Andrews

Geoff Swaffield
Narree Thai Massage

Chris Thomas, who, it is rumoured, is descended from a long line of bushrangers, won the day in fairly difficult conditions. Sandy was runner-up with John Strybis 3rd.

NTP winners were Ron (who won the Narree Thai Massage) and Bob (who seems to win something every week).

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