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2024 Events will be 07:30 Shotgun Start

08:00 in June, July & August

On 3rd July 2024 new prices will come into effect.

Competition Fees: $25
Cart Hire: $30

Today's Sponsors

Amanda Evans of Gather + Place

Dennis Wisely &
Steve Wheatley

Peter won the day with a good performance in better, but still heavy, conditions. Ray beat Alex into second place while Ashley and Trevor won the NTPs.

Stroke - Wet Weather Course (15 Holes)

Bob beat Peter on a countback to win second place.

In conditions that would seem to favour the players with lower handicaps, Tom demonstrated that having a higher handicap can also work.

Wayne and Cliff won the NTPs, with Wayne just outside the distance to win the accumulator.

A minute's silence was held as a mark of respect at the sad loss of Alan Bishop.

NRL 2-Man Ambrose

Sponsored by

Dave Irvine & Bill Osborne

Ashley and Wayne (Smoothy) sportingly opted not to play together so as to give us hackers some kind of chance to win. This sporting gesture,however, did not prevent them from winning anyway. Ashley teamed up with Cliff to win from Wayne, who teamed up with Wally to run second.

Bill And Craig won the NTPs.

Phil Carried Adrian to finish third.

Trevor was the volunteer starter.

Individual Stableford
Sponsored by:

A proven mud-runner, Trevor repeated last week's winning performance.

Craig beat Chis by one point to claim the runner-up's position.

David and Alex claimed the NTPs, with Alex just missing out on the Accumulator.

Stableford - Tom Yarnold

Trevor won the day by an impressive 4 points, with Ted beaten into third place by Wayne (but where is Wally?).

NTP winners.

It was good to see Brian back on deck.

Phil brought his father, Ray, to provide inspiration. (It didn't work.)

Stroke - Wet Weather Course

Earle, who is known to dislike heavy conditions, played exceptionally well to take the honours from Richard and Peter.

Yet again, Richard took out one of the NTPs, with Sandy getting the other.

The conventional golf wisdom is that long levers help to produce more distance. Dave would appear to be challenging this theory. Actually, he put his driver (no, not his drive) onto the roof of the club. The stance he adopted to overcome his shortened club does not look particularly comfortable (nor powerful).


DanGeo 4-Man Ambrose

Danny Mills & Geoff Swaffield

Winners on the day! There are only three members of the team in the photo because:

a) they were the only ones to contribute, or

b) neither Kel nor Earle were able to click the camera button, or

c) both of the above.

Wayne, Chris, Franz and Cliff came second, playing off the lowest handicap of the day.

David, Earle, Kel and Ross played well to finish 0.63 of a shot behind the Kelly gang.

The wet weather has played havoc with our programming but the website carries details of the following week's event. If in doubt, check the results.

08:00 shotgun start begins next week.

Ted and Richard took out the NTPs.

Stroke - 2 - Man Ambrose

Sponsored by:
Alex Kees

Trevor and John Strybis were runners-up.

Sandy and Ray came third after playing the long course (or did they just get lost?)

Ray also won the only NTP for the day.

The winners on the day were Peter Tait, Phil Anderson and Adrian Yeo. All three have always maintained that a three-man team in a two-man event has a distinct advantage and should be avoided when possible.

Accordingly, in future, if it is impossible to avoid ONE (and only one!) three-man team, then the exclusion method will be used.

All players tee off but the owner of the selected ball does not play the next shot. This continues until the green is reached, when all three players putt out (but maybe this rule should also apply here to try and make it fairer).

Stroke - Wet Weather Course

Today's winner and runner-up also took out the NTPs. Dave won the day with a creditable 71, beating Bob by four shots. Adrian came in third, one shot further back. Dave doesn't seem quite as keen on taking the money as Bob. You have to guess which of the people in the third photo is Adrian, but he is NOT wearing a dress!

Stroke - Wet Weather Course

Sponsored by:

Terry Morris

22 intrepid golfers played the wet weather course, which was, apparently, not too bad.Ken won the day by a good margin with Peter edging out Sandy from second place by one shot. Bill won NTP on the 7th/16th with the 3rd/12th not being won.

Sponsored by:

Stroke - Monthly Medal + Putting

Wally Lewis & Geoff Swaffield

In the very heavy conditions on our course at the moment, it was no surprise to see some familiar faces in the winners' circle. This time, however, Ashley edged out Wayne by one shot with Geoff running third. Not only did Wayne have the best Gross score, he won a couple of NTPs and the Narree Thai Massage.

For details of Programme changes, visit the News page.

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