Competition Results

Saturday Competition Results:




Bakewell Haulage Top 10, 2021

Oct 9 Results:


Tiger Pins Presentation 2021

L.J.Hooker Chook Run






VW Scramble Results

January 30th 2021

Wednesday 4 Person

Ambrose Results:

Friday 2 Person Ambrose Results

Nov 13th

Rohan Abbott fires in a great round of 75 in atrocious conditions to win the Jax Tyres Wingham Cup. A drew Paine shoots nett 72 to win handicap section

November 28th

Nov 27th

In horrible golfing condition Richard Clark excels with a fine 78-9-69 to win Tiger Pins

Glass 24/7 2021 Wingham Open Results:

Sponsors Day 2nd Place Rod Brown, Cam Cooke & mark Fog. Heather Brown absent

Brad Graham.jpg

Chook Run organiser Graham Steel with Brad Sawyer

Sponsors 1st 2.jpg

Sponsor Day winners Brendan Walker, Jason Patrick, Paul Muir & Toa Proctor

2021 Mug, Medalist & Long Drive of the Year Qualifiers. Played Nov 6

Tiger G & L.jpg

Sponsors Lesley & Graham Steel

Tiger G & M.jpg

Sponsor Graham Steel with Tiger Pins Scratch winner Mitch Steel

Dec 4th

Alex Kees wins the December Monthly Mug under wet conditions with a fine 71 nett

Corey F Nov.jpg

Nov 6 A Grade Monthly

Medal winner Corey



CWBS Championships 2021


Gross Rounds 1, 2, 3 & 4

Nett Rounds 1, 2, 3 & 4



Rohan Oct 30.jpg

Oct 30 Comp winner Rohan Abbott after 4 Under Par Round

Coming Events

July 24th - Harvey Duncan Memorial

                     Postponed (TBA)

November 21 - Sponsors Day


Oct 30th

Rohan Abbott shoots 4 Under Par to win the Saturday Comp with 41 Points

Gragam & me.jpg

July LJ Hooker winner Nev Blanch with organiser Graham Steel

VW 1st.jpg


Scott Faulkner, Craig Hamilton, Cory Scott & Rod Brown

VW 2nd.jpg


Chris McDonald, Jason Patrick, Brad Sawyer & Paul Muir

VW 3rd.jpg


Rob Polley, Steve Race, Denise Polley & Scott Polley

2020 Snake Club Presentation

Snake 1.jpg
Snake 2.jpg
Snake 3.jpg
Snake 6.jpg
Jason Snakes.jpg
Snake 5.jpg
Brendan & Bob Nov.jpg

Nov 6 A & B Grade Gross winners Brendan Walker & Bob Siecker

Adam & Daryl Oct 23.jpg

Jason Patrick winner of the most 3 Putts (78) Trophy - again!!!!

Dave Stacpoole Snake Club winner for 2020

Ron & Dennis.jpg
Brad & Dennis.jpg

Betta Cup A Grade winner Brad Sawyer receiving his trophy from sponsors brother Dennis

Betta Cup trophy winner Ron baker with Dennis

Sponsor Adam with C Grade winner Daryl Heywood

Andrew Tubby Nov 13.jpg
Bob Tubby Nov 13.jpg

Wingham Cup Nett winner Andrew Paine with Sponsor Glen Porter

Wingham Cup B Grade winner Bob Siecker with Glen Porter of Jax Tyres

Sponsors 1st 1.jpg
Sponsors 2nd.jpg
Sponsors 3rd.jpg

Sponsors Day 3rd Mone Vilayrack, Bob Polley, Syd Gilfillan & Natasha Lerdkhuntod

Cliff B.jpg

Nov 20th Winner of Betta Cup, Cliff Beattie

Corey Muxlow

83 81 86 81  231

Corey Muxlow

77 75 80 75  307