Competition Results

Corey Muxlow

83 81 86 81  231

Saturday Competition Results:




Bakewell Haulage Top 10, 2020

Final Results:


L.J.Hooker Chook Run





Wednesday 4 Person

Ambrose Results:

Friday 2 Person Ambrose Results

VW Scramble Results

January 30th 2021

November 28th

May 22nd

CWBS Championships Round 3

Coey Franklin continues the good form to win the Tezza Entertainment Trophy

Mitch with Mum & Dad.jpg

Glass 24/7 2021 Wingham Open Results:

Some of the members (wearing yellow, the golf day theme!) supporting the "Doing it for Jarrod" Children's Cancer Research Golf Day.

Some of the players invoolved in the Doi

Lesley & Graham with A Grade winner son Mitch after Tiger Pins

Sponsors Golf Day 2019:

Not held in 2020 due to COVID-19

B Grade winner Syd Gilfillan with Coles Rep Katrina Greenaway

Brad Graham.jpg

Chook Run organiser Graham Steel with Brad Sawyer

Retro Golf Day participants.jpg

Retro Golf Day Players

2020 Mug, Medalist & Long Drive of the Year Qualifiers. Played Nov 7

Mick Rees with sponsors.jpg

Sponsors Lesley & Graham Steel with Tiger Pins Nett winner Mick Rees

Rod with sponsors.jpg

Sponsors Lesley & Graham Steel with Tiger Pins Scratch winner

Rod Brown

Alex Kees.jpg

Alex Kees winner of the EJs Bistro Trophy

June 19th

Earle Braham & Geoff Swaffield excel in a horrible day for golf

June 5th

Russell Pattison wins the Image Smash Repairs Monthly Mug

Russell P.jpg
NTP B Brown.jpg

Barry Brown receiving the NTP money from sponsor Dennis for his 33cm shot on the 7th

June 5th Monthly Mug winner Russell Pattison

Sponsors Tiger.jpg

Tiger Pins Sponsors Mitch, Lesley, Graham & Mick Steel & Rod Brown

Tiger afterwards.jpg

After Tiger Pins

VW 1st.jpg
VW 2nd.jpg
VW 3rd.jpg
Tezza & Rod.jpg

A Grade Winner Rod Brown with sponsor Tezza Grant


CWBS Championships 2021


Gross Rounds 1, 2, 3 & 4

Nett Rounds 1, 2, 3 & 4



Kat and Syd.jpg
Tezz & Shane.jpg

A Grade R/U Shane Greenaway with sponsor Tezza

Coming Events

June 19

July 11

July 24th

Paul & Scott.jpg
Paul & Dave.jpg
Paul & Corey.jpg

Spnsor Paul Muir with A Grade winner Scott Polley

& with B Grade winner Dave Woollard

& C Grade winner Corey Franklin

Corey Muxlow

77 75 80 75  307


Scott Faulkner, Craig Hamilton, Cory Scott & Rod Brown


Chris McDonald, Jason Patrick, Brad Sawyer & Paul Muir


Rob Polley, Steve Race, Denise Polley & Scott Polley

2020 Snake Club Presentation

Snake 1.jpg
Snake 2.jpg
Snake 3.jpg
Snake 6.jpg
Snake 5.jpg
Jason Snakes.jpg

Jason Patrick winner of the most 3 Putts (78) Trophy - again!!!!

Dave Stacpoole Snake Club winner for 2020