Current Champions

Congratulations to the following players who are our 2020 champion golfers:


Men's Champions

A Grade                              Ben Marron

B Grade                              Dave Heagney

B1 Grade                            Syd Gilfillan 

C Grade                              Shane Brown

Senior Champion              Rod Brown

Junior Champion              

Nett Champions

A Grade                              Phil Jirman

B Grade                             Scott Faulkner

B1 Grade                           Mone Vilayrack

C Grade                             Blake Sky

Match Play Champions

A Grade                            Scott Polley

B Grade                            Scott Faulkner   

B1 Grade                          Franz Schubert   

C Grade                            Larry Thompson                    


Handicap Match Play    Rod Desborough       


Mixed Foursomes                 

Foursomes                      Paul Muir & Phil Jirman                  

4BBB K/O                        Richard Clark & James Urquhart                         

Monthly Mug of the Year  

                                          Brendan Walker

Medalists of the Year        

                  A Grade          Brendan Walker                                  

                  B Grade          Brad Sawyer                     

                  C Grade          Phil Hanlen     

Long Drive                          

                 A Grade          Rhys Cowie                 

                 B Grade          Fletcher Lewis                

             C Grade           Tim Smith     

Club Champions

A Grade

Ben Marron

B Grade

Dave Heagney

B1 Grade

Syd Gilfillan

C Grade

Shane Brown

B Grade

Scott Faulkner

B1 Grade

Mone Vilayrack

C Grade

Blake Sky

Nett Champions

A Grade

Phil Jirman

Matchplay Champions & R/U

B Grade

R/U Braydon Cowie &

winner Scott Faulkner

B1 Grade

Winner Franz Schubert

& R/U Syd Gilfillan

Foursomes Champions

Paul Muir & Phil Jirman

C Grade

R/U Shane Brown &

winner Larry Thompson

A Grade Champion Scott Polley

Presentation Night 2020

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