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12th April

Annual General Meeting

Wednesday 18th October


The 2023 AGM was held after the Alwyn Elith Memorial Trophy was played. The event was easily won by Cliff Sayers, who had his tongue firmly in cheek as he shared a joke with those present.

The extra run on the course continues to suit those players who have a higher handicap but can now reach many of the greens in regulation. 3-pointers are ho-hum with 4-pointers, and even 5-pointers, now being achieved.

This is your committee for the next twelve months.

President: Terry

Treasurer: Ken

Secretary: Adrian

Captain: Bill

At this time, the use of mats is voluntary. If we do not get significant rainfall then this usage will become compulsory at the end of November.

Thanks to those members are using them in an attempt to save what grass there is on the course.

4th October

Last week, the second round of the Thomas Malpass OSOT was held and the overall winner of the event was Bob Kemble.

We had some visitors from Coraki for the day. They are shown here with Club president Shane. Grant Tait has his hand up to collect a ball he won for a NTP. The other two are Stephen Toms and James Voght.

Another visitor from Charlestown has his picture on the Results page for also winning a NTP.

The narrowest escape of the day occurred when Phil (aka "The Silverback) tried to punch a shot out from the trees on the right side of the 1st fairway. It hit a tree and ricocheted into Kel's cart, just missing him and hitting the steering column before coming to rest on the floor.

Albert was the first volunteer (of course) for the Joke of the Day. Unfortunately, I cannot reproduce it here for the benefit of those who left early, as I was occupied and missed the middle part of the joke.

13th September - Wingham Open Day

Ashley demonstrated both his power and his skill by winning the long drive and one of the NTPs.

Geoff and Adrian (?) hard at work with the lunch orders.

Some people honed their putting skills while others obviously preferred to socialise.

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