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Vets New 9 Hole Comp

Designed for players who, for one reason or another, cannot or do not wish to play 18 holes on the day.


Reasons may include health, physical injury, returning from injury, doctor’s appointments, family commitments etc




1. When you report to the Starters you must nominate that you are only playing 9 holes. You cannot change this after you start play.


2. Scores will not be entered into Golf Link. Score cards will be manually processed by the Captain.


3. If you want your scores to be entered into Golf Link then your cards must be kept, by arrangement with the Captain. You will need to complete 2 cards

(1x first 9 + 1x second 9. These can be combined

and entered with the field at the completion of

the second card).


4. Cost for game is still $20, and the player is entered into the daily raffle. Carts cost $13 for 9 holes.


5. Prizes: If there are 2 or more players then the winner gets $10. If their winning score betters their handicap then an additional $10 is won.

If there is only 1 player, that player can win $10, if he betters his handicap, on the day.

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