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Vets Urgent Communication

If our members need to be urgently notified ie. cancelling an event at the last minute etc. then it will be done as follows:


1. A message will be placed on our website by

    our Club Secretary ( Adrian Yeo - 0408 320 350 ).       

    ( WGC Home Page / Vets Golf / Latest News ).


2. Members will be notified by their chosen

    method ( Text or Email ). It is the members

    responsibility to provide our Vets Secretary

    with their phone number &/or email address.


3.  Members can also phone or text their Vets

     Captain ( Bill Osborne - 0457 181 014 )


It is the members responsibility to follow these methods of communication on the night prior an event, if there is any doubt due to weather &/or changing course conditions.

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