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2024 Vets' Committee

Next Committee Meeting:     To be advised



President                          Terry Morris                      0427 505 750


Secretary/ Publicity      Adrian Yeo                         0408 320 350

Treasurer                          Ken Malpass                     0410 045 223


Captain                              Bill Osborne                      0457 181 014      


Vice Captain                      Ashley Stewart                 0498974068


Vice President                  Dave Homewood              65507568


Committee                         Courtney Adamson

                                             Bob Kemble

                                             Tom Yarnold

                                             Trevor Burns

                                             Danny Mills

                                             Geoff Swaffield

                                             Bob Siecker

OUR 2024 ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING will take place on WEDNESDAY 16th October 2024

Our Constitution:

Wingham Veteran's is a social golf club  providing organized competition for our members. Membership is available to any financial member of the WGC or any surrounding golf club and is over 55 years of age. We work within the organizational framework of the WGC and follow its rules.

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