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Strategic Planning


As a result of meetings in April, May and June of 2018, a sub-Committee of the Board of Wingham Golf Club has created a Strategic Plan for the club. WHY? Because, as Golf Australia says, "Strategic Planning enables a club to:

  • exert more control over its destiny - deciding where it wants to be in the future

  • become proactive rather than reactive - to clarify club purposes and direction

  • initiate and influence outcomes in favour of the club

  • adopt a more systematic approach to change and reduce resistance to change

  • improve financial performance and use resources effectively

  • increase awareness of its operating environment e.g. industry trends, benchmark performance and competitors

  • improve organisational control and coordination of activities 

  • improve governance performance and employee performance."

On Wednesday June 27 at its Monthly Meeting, the Board endorsed the new Strategic Plan for 2018-2023 and the associated Business Plan for 2018-2019.

On Sunday 15 July at 10.00am, an Information Meeting for members will be held at the Club to fully explain the planning process and what the new plans will mean for Wingham Golf Club. 

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